In this fallen world, we will always sin,
No one is righteous, no, not even one.
In all situations, we do know what’s right,
Yet why does the right thing so seldom get done?

Why do we teeter at the edge of temptation?
Inclined to loose ground and almost fall in?
Why don’t we stay as far away as we can?
Why must we toy and play with each sin?

Often we’re faced with dilemmas of choice!
The decisions we make reveal what’s within.
Anyone then, who knows the right thing to do,
And fails to do it, is committing a sin.

What this world needs is a strong moral center!
Where can we learn what is wrong, what is right?
GOD gives HIS POWER to do the right thing!
HE gave the Light to fight the darkness of night!

When you do the right thing there is great satisfaction!
There’s a deep joy and a clean conscience too!
Do the right thing! You will make a difference,
In all that you think, that you say, that you do!

Karin Ristau

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