Thank you for the robin's song
That sings so sweetly in the trees.
Thank you for the warmth of sunshine
The light caresses of each breeze!

Thank you for the bright blue sky
The soothing green upon the hill!
Thank you for the fragrant flowers,
The babbling brook down by the mill.

Thank you for the love of family,
Abundant joy, each morning new!
Thank you for the joy of friendships,
All good things, God, come from you!

Thank you that you send upon us
Awesome blessings every day!
Thank you that You are my Father!
You'll never leave me, come what may!

© Karin Ristau


Anonymous said...

All of the things I am so grateful for! Just lovely Karin.

Enjoy your day.

ellen b. said...

Yes! Thank you Lord.
Thanks for sharing Karin!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

A hearty Amen to this one.

pam said...

AMEN and thank You for Karin....she is such a blessing to me! Hope you have a fun, restful weekend!

pam said...

And GOOD I missed your last post I don't know. Well I do. I"m having trouble getting around. But Karin.....I LOVE IT! May I share it with some friends through email.

Mari said...

This is a wonderful, thank you poem for summer!

*The Old Geezer said...

Amen! And thank you Karin for posting such an uplifting poem :-)

Have a great weekend :-)


Ginny said...

Beautiful poem as usual. And you caught that mallard at just the right time, I also love the reflection!!

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Karin
I'm kind of down right now and this poem has helped me and reminded me to focus on what I'm grateful for. Thank you
God bless

Marlene said...

So thankful that those beautiful words are true!!!

Shug said...

Hi Karin...

What a beautiful way of expressing your thankfulness for the Blessings the Lord sends. We are a blessed people...God is so good!

Karen said...

I love your poems, Karin, and your thankful heart! Thanks for sharing this.

George said...

Thank you for this reminder of all the things for which we should be giving thanks.

Tor Hershman said...

Staying the same forever, sounds like Sherlock Holmes.

Ann said...

Thank you for the ducks egg that is my breakfast.
Thank you for the duck that occasionally is my dinner.

Your photo of the duck, which is a water duck when I was young. This is part of my f=roots when I was young. I helped my mum rear ducks.

Connie Arnold said...

Beautiful! So many things to be thankful for, and you have expressed so many of them in this lovely poem, Karin.