She has beautiful eyes, set in a friendly, mature, laugh-lined face. I am fascinated by and drawn to people’s eyes, but here it’s not the color, depth, the look or the shape that intrigues me; it’s the way she sees people. The first time I ever met her, her eyes radiated a kindness I had seldom sensed before. I was convinced that the love of people which she had in her heart could never be suppressed, but simply had to burst and bubble forth through her smile and her eyes.

It almost never fails. She spies me from afar, her step quickens, her arms are outstretched, her eyes fairly sparkle like stars, as she runs to hug me. Giving a generous hug back without reservation, I take a deep relaxing breath. I have been tense from the day’s stresses and she surrounds me in a soothing, comforting blanket of acceptance and affirmation. Love!

Her hug is a delightful, generous gift in itself, but she doesn’t stop there. This tiny woman reaches up to touch my face. She tells me how loved I am and that she prays for me. She is bouncy, animated, and profuse in her praise, talking loud enough so others passing by can hear. I flush with embarrassment, even feeling awkward. I think to myself, “Why does she see me with such a tenderness of heart? I’m not deserving of this love.” Oh, one could think, “What does she want from me?”, but reading wrong motives into love offered reveals only what is lurking in the heart of the one asking the question. I would never want to wound spontaneous outpouring of such affection by any unkind action, ungracious thought or ungrateful attitude.

For a while I had allowed life’s ugly circumstances to start depleting my emotional bank. I had even wondered where God’s love and grace were in all I was going through. When she let her love and affection shine so freely, HE opened my eyes to see with my heart. I was humbled when I finally realized the truth. My heavenly Father had been trying so hard to tell me something, and I wasn’t listening. “You are my beloved child; and she is expressing what indeed I feel about you. Would you finally believe it!” Tears washed my eyes at this insight.

Then I came out of myself under her freely given, unsolicited, unconditional love, again fully focused on the source of this love, my heavenly Father. He had sent her to do eye surgery of the spiritual kind. With renewed joy I can give again, having been filled to overflowing with His love.

She truly lives what it is like to be totally free of the fear of sharing intimacy with other human beings, especially ones of the household of faith, the family of God. I feel no less loved because she shares herself with so many, seeing everyone through eyes of tenderness and love! That’s her gift and she uses it to the glory of God.

Let’s all be passionately motivated to give others this God-given spark of life, generously, without reservations. Love - whether it is returned or not! Those who are reluctant to receive it need it most. Love works; it is simply accepting and affirming one another. Love one another, just as Christ has loved you. Allow the gift of the Holy Spirit to radiate His love through you to minister to others, just as He used her to minister to me. You may never know how deeply simple acts of kindness can affect someone. Giving a big bear hug, a warm hand-clasp, welcoming radiance in your eyes, a gentle pat on the back, an arm around the shoulder, can work miracles in helping to set free, soften and heal someone’s heart. Perhaps your own!

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another,
just as God in Christ has forgiven you. Eph. 4:32

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Evi said...

Even I am thankful that she was able to provide this to you. A gift to my mother, and I am grateful. She gave that to me as well.