‘So Much Stuff’ -- all around -- 

took a turn for the worse;

The three of us stood, 

wringing our hands 

shouting, “WHY”!!!

The things we had hoped for 

were not coming our way!

We couldn’t believe it; 

so we heaved a huge sigh!

Why did these things have to happen to us? 

What are our friends now thinking of me? 

I'm shocked, can’t believe it; 

made such a fool of myself! 

We just shook our head – 

this simply can’t be? 

We were not alone; 

our emotions were high! 

We sat down at the table 

to ponder and plan; 

We were not quite ready 

to give in and give up! 

This would be, the best pity party 

ever held by woe-man. 

So for only us three, 

- me, myself and I - 

We closed the front door, 

let loose, and we cried. 

The tears overflowed! 

Into gobs of tissues we sobbed! 

Yes, we prayed! 

Then sat up, and those red eyes we dried. 

We had not invited anyone else 

– but Lord Jesus showed up! 

He saw our heart, 

knew what we needed, 

He simply supplied! 

Turns out – 

it was the shortest party that ever would be! 

He told us He loved us – 

and for those tears - He died! 

So, whenever we’re tempted 

to complain and to whine 

We’re thankful 

when our dearest of friends understands! 

We have a good cry - emotions deep, real - 

He shares all our pain! 

He’s faithfully there; 

We are safe forever 

in His all-loving hands! 

Karin Ristau©

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